Upgrades to Course Catalog

The BDS University Course Catalog has two new upgrades:

  1. Curriculums 
  2. Course Catalog Search

Curriculums are a group of courses and other materials gathered together to create a specific learning path. The curriculum elements are grouped together for easy identification. As courses are completed they are moved to the completed site of your curriculum catalog. Once all elements of a curriculum are completed, it will move to the COMPLETED tab.


The new Course Catalog Search uses keywords to find courses of interest. Enter keywords that may be from the course title or description and the search will identify how many courses match. Click on the search icon to show the results.

Take a Look

BDS University I:C Interactive Series

This series covers topics that you and your team may use on a regular basis in IC including new user login, employee dashboard, calendar, team tabs, call form and work review. To take any of the I:C chapters, you can locate them in Course Catalog > Software > Information Technology > Insight:Center.   

Make Sure You're Compliant

Best Buy



Best Buy requires all third party vendors who work in their store to take certain courses before they get on the floor. Make sure any required Best Buy specific courses on your dashboard are completed and passed as soon as possible!

New Courses

Skype For Business

Do you have trouble running smooth and consistent Skype meetings? Look no further as BDS University is here to help smooth out your Skype meeting experiences with the new Skype for Business Certification. Click the course catalog and then search "Skype" in the search bar.

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